Dampers & Flow Adjustment

When a duty change is required, and provided the fan is capable of it, there are several methods available to alter fan delivery. Pulley change, damper control, inlet guide vanes, variable speed drives.

Pulley changes are about the simplest way to alter speeds when the fan is driven by a v-belt system. Increasing or decreasing the diameter of the drive pulley or the driven pulley, or even both pulleys, will bring about the desired change in fan volume/ pressure.

Damper control allows the user to alter air volumes by changing the system resistance, the fan flow / pressure & power are thus change. Adding or reducing resistance requires the fan to move up or down along its characteristic curve, which generates more or less air with no change to the fan speed. Their drawback is that their effect in airflow is limited and they are not energy efficient. it is a simple but energy in efficient way of changing the duty.

Inlet vane controls are similar in function to a damper but a more efficient option. They alter the characteristics and the fan curve. At best, they provide only modest reductions in flow.

Variable speed drives provide the widest variety of speed control. A very efficient and effective way of changing fan delivery al but an expensive one.

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