Paddle Blades

A paddle blade is the most basic impeller type but is still commonly used. A paddle bladed impeller is also a radial bladed impeller but does not have a shroud or backplate

Paddle bladed efficiency is also the lowest of the range reaching efficiencies in the low 60%.

The reason they are used so often is because they are so versatile and are the best type of blade for extreme dirt/material conditions or when the material passing thro them is sticky. Pressure capabilities are good but a paddle blade is seldom used for high volumes.

Operating range

  • Volumes up to 27 m³/sec
  • Static pressure to 4 kpa
  • Temperatures up to 430˚C


  • Flat Radial Blades handle dirty air and materials without build-up
  • Stable performance from shut-off to wide open; operates without pulsation over a range of duties.
  • Rugged, continuously welded heavy steel plate construction

A choice of wheels to meet specific application needs

  • WF – wheel handles fibrous materials.
  • LS – wheel is for viscous material that would build up on other wheels.

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Paddle Blades can be used in the following industry:

Scrap Conveying

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