Fan Manufacturing

Rand Blower has, for many years, outsourced its fabrication and is pleased to now boast a newly upgraded fabrication workshop with a range of functions relating to fan fabrication & overhauls to general steel fabrication for both Heavy and Light Industry.

Our primary function as a steel fabricator is to manufacture and overhaul centrifugal and axial fans. We are however geared up to offer a range of related items including:

We offer all of the above in both Mild Steel and Stainless-Steel options.

Our manufacturing division is focused on customer service and respects the need for speedy turnaround while accepting only the best quality product. Our welders are qualified tradesman with certification and qualification upon request.



Our factory is well equipped with Rolling Machines, Bending Machines, Guillotine, CO2 Welding Machines, Drill Presses, Press Machines and a totally enclosed filtered Spray-Painting Booth.

Our testing and assembly facilities offer a Test Run VSD Panel for tests up to 132kW and Balancing Technician for initial trim and final balancing.

The manufacturing elements/items that Rand Blower Fan Manufacturing does outsource is trusted from only reputable suppliers who are tried and tested in our industry. Our primary focus is to supply only the best quality solutions, even if they aren’t manufactured under our roof.

Our QCP (quality control plans) are common place for Rand Blower fabrication and tailor made to our clients’ needs. We are well versed in disciplines such as Magnetic Particle TestingDie Penetration Testing and Stress Relieving only to mention a few.

Although our facility does not operate 24Hrs a day, we do offer breakdown services to our customers and have in the past worked through the night to ensure minimal down time for plants which have experienced critical breakdown.